The Black Rose Oracle

Cards for Heart healing and personal transformation

The Rose speaks a sacred language of Love from the Divine Feminine that speaks to your emotions and is felt with the Heart.

Top of the box of The Black Rose Oracle card deck
Front view of the "Healing is Possible" card
Back view of the "Healing is Possible" card
Bottom of the box of The Black Rose Oracle card deck

The Black Rose Oracle deck and the healing power of the Roses offer an invitation to focus within on healing and transformation to raise our consciousness and gain self-mastery when we are being initiated through the sacred holy fires of challenge and adversity, into the Light, Love, Power and Wisdom that exists within our own Hearts.

Accessing higher states of awareness, as well as challenging emotions, core wounds and self-defeating patterns that we all have to transform, each colour of the Roses in the deck holds an energetic frequency of Love, Wisdom and Beauty with a Divine Cosmic message and truth about self Love and how to live in alignment with the Love that we are.

The Black Rose is multidimensional and carries many levels of consciousness. In a timeless state of Grace the Black Rose no longer needs to be hidden or protected. She has arrived at this moment in time to perform her pivotal role in our evolutionary transformation for the Rose Brothers and Sisters rising.

Back view of the "Rose of Violet Light" card
Front view of the "Rose of Violet Light" card
Front view of "The Three Graces of Love"
Back view of "The Three Graces of Love"
Top view of The Black Rose Oracle card deck

I am honoured to share the depth of the Rose cards with you to help encourage deep connection with your own inner Source Light and listen to the Heart, to foster Heart healing and emotional well-being.

Within the Gold Flame and Black Light frequency, this deck of 55 cards and leaflet will provide insight and clarity into present situations, self care and wounds of the Heart.

Included is a numbered First Edition small Card of Authenticity of the Rose images that were taken of the Roses in my garden.

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Personal Insight Readings

A personal reading from me with the Black Rose Oracle deck is a merging of using the cards, spiritual counselling and guidance to illuminate aspects of self to transform your soul, whilst offering deeper self awarenessself Love, insight and direction.

Readings are done face to face on Skype. If you would like to receive and experience a Black Rose Oracle reading and receive her Light Transmission through the Roses to gain insight and clarity, please get in touch using the contact form to arrange a suitable date and time.

A Personal Insight Reading£55

“I AM the darkness that is the Light. In my name you shall be liberated”. If you would like to know more about the Black Rose frequency and the Teachings from the Black Rose, please visit my sister site at

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Price per deck

First Edition: £33.00